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James, Farmer

Church Farm, Dorsington

On working through lockdown.

We found ourselves a lot busier with our day to day work in the farm. We were busy supplying meat, vegetable boxes, milk and bread to the local community and making sure these were delivered safely right to their doors. Keeping up with the demand kept us really busy. My wife, Lucy, and I kept our heads down and worked extra hours when we needed to.


On keeping the community spirit during lockdown.

It’s been really tough not seeing friends and family. We had our second baby boy in December during lockdown and it was definitely difficult not to have people around as you would normally during this happy time.  We are in a small village so we focused on serving our community. If people needed anything, we went out of our way to help them. People have seen the value of supporting their local farms and shops, and even the local industries. Everyone has been doing their gardens, and it’s great to see the local timber yards supplying locally. It’s great to see more people not just supporting shops but local businesses in general. 


On leaving lockdown.

There is definitely a positive change in how much people have supported local businesses. Time will tell if this will continue but I definitely hope so. Keep buying local, keep supporting local. I've also realised how valuable friends and family are and how important it is that we make more effort to communicate with them. When I’m on the farm, I don’t see anyone but I realise I miss seeing people and how important it is to make time to speak with people. There will be big changes on how we live after lockdown-- we just need to work with it and keep going.

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