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Yoga at Cameo Studio

Cameo Studio is located within the peaceful grounds of Farncombe Estate in Broadway, Cotswolds. 

The studio is bright and inviting, with plenty of natural light and fresh air.

We are an inclusive and welcoming yoga space, offering different styles of classes for students of all abilities.

All of our teachers are local, friendly and experienced. 

We have been awarded Best Yoga/Pilates Studio in Gloucestershire/Warwickshire

in the Muddy Stilettos Regional Awards for 2023.

We were also chosen as a National Finalist from 28 regional awardees!

We offer small group classes as well as private sessions.

Our classes are a happy mix of challenging and soothing,

dynamic and gentle-paced, energetic and calming. 


There is something for everyone!

Our Classes

We've added a Pace Level Guide to give you a better idea of the intensity of the classes. If unsure, please do call or send a message!

+++ Intense      ++ Moderate        + Gentle


A class based on the traditional hatha yoga style where postures are sustained to help build strength and flexibility. The focus is on alignment, balance, concentration & breath.  ++ /+++ Moderate to Intensely-paced class


This is a mindful movement practise where we increase the depth and intensity of the postures by starting with a slow flow to wake the body and eventually build energy for your day. This encourages us to keep our whole body activated as we go through the sequence with control and precision.  +++ Intensely-paced class


A class for those who are very new to the yoga practise. Usually done in a block of 6 classes, our beginners classes combines knowledge of postures, stretches as well as pranayama (breathwork) practise. The class is paced so students can learn in their own pace! + Gently-paced class


A dynamic class combining concepts of flow and pause; creating space in the body through a breath-led dynamic flow and then transition into the calmness of some restorative postures. This class will help to balance the nervous system, bringing about a calmness for body and mind. Best way to end your day! ++ Moderately-paced class


A yoga flow to help build your stability and flexibility! A combination of yoga postures and breath techniques to move your whole body, regulate your nervous system, and release tension. A great way to start the week-end! Open to all levels, this is a fun class to get you set for the week-end! ++ Moderately-paced class


This class focused on refreshing tired muscles to promote recovery and rejuvenation. A short vinyasa flow followed by a sequence of effective stretches accompanied with Myofascial Release. This is suitable for all levels. +Gently-paced class


Functional Yoga aims to refresh tired muscles to promote recovery and rejuvenation. Starting with a dynamic flow focusing on the functionality of different areas of the body, in line with the breath. Then followed by a sequence of effective stretches accompanied by myofascial release. ++ Moderately-paced class


Bringing together the breath-led holding of postures in hatha yoga and with the intentional movement of vinyasa. Expect a medium-paced flow of postures to rejuvenate the body and bring the mind to calmness, with the background of an eclectic soundtrack.  ++ Moderately-paced class


Blending softer movements and deeper breaths to achieve tension release in your body and mind. This class will cultivate mindfulness and encourage engagement of the body through a variety of postures. Suitable for those who are looking to expand their beginner yoga practise as well as those who just want a slower pace.  +Gently-paced class


Early morning yoga session to wake up and start your day and your week! A full body stretch yoga sequence, suitable for all levels and abilities. This class combines breath and movement, giving you both calmness and energy - ready to take on your day! ++ Moderately-paced class


A refreshing session to start your week! Connecting mind and body through slow flowing movement to help us reset for the week! Rooting to rise means to be grounding into the earth, to feel steady in your foundation. From there we are able to breathe with ease, connect with our bodies and find balance  +Gently-paced class


A combination of dynamic yoga flow with passive yin postures to help the mind and body unwind ~ with a focus on connecting the body to the breath. Expect a yoga sequence which will nourish you, finishing with relaxation at the end. ++/+++ Moderate to Intensely-paced class


A beautiful fusion of the benefits of yoga postures and mindfulness, with the the core-building strength and posture awareness of Pilates. ++ Moderate to intensely-paced class

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