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How do I book a session?

Photo sessions must be booked in advance and only the session fee is taken at the time of booking to secure your appointment. Photo orders are taken and paid for after the viewing session, once you have seen the images from the shoot.

I am able to do photo sessions from 9:30am to 3:00pm from Mondays to Fridays and 9:30-1:00pm on Saturdays. 


Can I book a session as a gift for someone else?

Gift vouchers are available to be purchased. Please contact me to arrange.



Who owns the copyright of the images?

Under the copyright and patents act of 1988, Beth Winsor of Cameo Lab retain the copyright of all images taken. It is a criminal offence to copy, screen grab, scan or reproduce photographs without written consent.  If you purchase digital files, you are given a licence to use your images for personal use. You can also share these with your friends and family on social media,  for model or acting portfolio use and printing for personal use.  Purchased digital files cannot to be altered in any way that changes the integrity of the image without prior consent.


Cameo Lab also retains the right to use the images for display or marketing purposes to promote this business. This includes social media, marketing literature, or galleries on this website. If you would prefer your child’s images not to be used, please inform me in writing when you book your session.



Can I buy just the digital files from the shoot?

I’m afraid this is not possible.  Your portraits are pieces of art which deserve to be printed and presented in the highest quality. When purchasing a single framed product, the high resolution file of the same image is included in the sale. All the print collections also include the high-resolution files.


Why do you place importance on prints and framed products?

Remember the time when we kept our files in floppy disks? Which eventually became obsolete. Then we started saving our files to CDs, USB drives, hard drives, etc. While I totally understand the value of having the files of your images, I believe the printed products are more valuable. These prints will stand the test of time. Once all the technology has changed, that framed print on your wall will last forever. 



What methods of payment do you accept?

I accept cheque, cash and payment by bank transfer. Payment plans for final orders can also be arranged upon request. You will receive your order upon full payment.



What shall we wear?

My aim is to create images which will always look beautiful even through the passing of time. We will discuss styling and clothing option during our pre-shoot consultation. I also have a collection of beautiful outfits in the studio which can be used for the session. 



How long does a session typically last?

A fine art portrait session usually takes  1-2 hours, depending on how many people are involved and how many outfit changes there will be. Lifestyle shoots are generally  1-1.5 hours.



Where do the photoshoots take place?

Lifestyle sessions usually take place in the client’s home or in an outdoor location that we both decide on. This can either be a park nearby or a special location ie bluebell woods, etc. 


Studio sessions are done in my studio at Farncombe Estate although I can also bring my portable studio equipment to your home upon request.



Do you have a makeup artist and hair stylist?

If you are comfortable with doing your own hair and make-up, that’s great. I also have make-up artists and hairstylists that I can recommend if you need their services. 



Can we include our pet in the photoshoot?

Of course! 


Is there anything we need to bring with us to the shoot?

It’s typical to bring a couple of outfit changes. We discuss this in the pre-shoot consultation. Feel free to bring items that are special to you or tell your family story and your interests. 



I’m not good at posing.  Can you help?

I will direct you and the family throughout the shoot. In a studio setting, I will guide you how to pose and will endeavour to make you feel comfortable throughout the process. In lifestyle sessions where it’s more casual and relaxed, I will give guidance as well and will also take more candid shots.



How much Photoshop and airbrushing do you do?

The images you will see are edited in my style. I would like your portraits to look like YOU. I do very light editing on my images as I believe in getting it mostly right at the first shoot. I do my best to present your images in a way I know you will be happy with them. 


How do we view and order our images? 

Typically 2-3 weeks after your shoot, I will book another appointment with you to view your images. Ideally, this will be back in my home studio but can be at your home upon request. Your best images will be presented in a slideshow. I will then show you a selection of your images—printed and matted—so you can see a sampling of the products firsthand. You can choose the images you want during this viewing and if there are printed images you want to take away home with you on that day, you are welcome to do so. Payments can be taken on this day too. 


For this reason, I highly recommend that decision makers for the order will be present during the viewing session. 


I will also guide you in choosing possible framing options and you will be able to see samples of the framed products I offer. 


The viewing session usually takes an hour.



Is there any obligation to buy anything after the shoot?

Due to the time and effort spent on your shoot and creating your images, I ask for a minimum £250 order in addition to the session fee. 


Other questions...

Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

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