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Lisa, The High Street Shop Owner

Dove Country Lifestyle, Chipping Campden

On starting a new business in between two lockdowns.

Everybody else thought we were mad! But we were quite positive about it because we know the area and everyone has this Shop Local mentality around here. We were confident that we will be supported by the community and the visitors who come here. We were quite excited about it! When we first opened, we met so many lovely people from the local area and felt the support of other business owners. It was a shame that friends from afar couldn’t come and visit but it was nice to get good feedback in the early days. 

On having to close doors during lockdown.

We were only open for three weeks when we had to close the shop. It was really disappointing but we put a positive spin on it and we used this time to get our first floor ready. It was winter anyway, which is typically quiet, so we tried to use this time to get our website up and running and sort everything else that needed to be done. But then, it carried on to March and April, and it started to get tedious. It’s tough to know that your outgoing expenses does not change, but there’s no income coming in. We just keep telling ourselves that this isn’t going to be forever. 


On leaving lockdown.

I’m hopeful that as things start opening up, more people will holiday here in the Cotswolds. It will be nice to see the High Street busy with people again. New businesses are opening and that’s exciting. I can’t wait to see all the shops on the High Street open, seeing people shopping, eating and drinking. There’s always a buzz here in the summer so it will be great to have that again. This year made me realise not to take anything for granted—even just being with friends and family. You don’t realise how much you’ve missed it until you don’t have it. Many people are re-evaluating how we live our lives — hopefully, it will be for the better.

You can find Dove Country Lifestyle on the Campden High Street, also visit their website.

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