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Joe & Heather, Farm Shop Owners

Pages Farm Shop, Mickleton

On the first days of lockdown.

It was so surreal. We were suddenly so busy. It came from nowhere and it was relentless -  we were starting at 6am and finishing at 10pm. People were panicking and behaving differently. We lost members of staff overnight because they had to shield so we we were doing more than ever before. We just had to get on with it. Adrenaline kept us going but it was difficult. Everyone seemed to be spring cleaning their houses or outside in their gardens enjoying the beautiful weather, and we were just on our knees during those first few weeks.


On staying open during lockdown.

We were fortunate that we could stay open. This time has been kind for our business when it has been unkind to many others. We do feel very grateful. We had to work harder to carry on and showcase what we are about. We had new customers and we felt we wanted to encourage them to keep coming back. We did our best to meet the demand and it was also important that we did it well. I’d like to think that although people were anxious, we gave some reassurance because they could see we were doing everything we could to keep our environment safe. 

On leaving lockdown.

People have stopped and appreciated more what is around them. They’re appreciating the good food that’s grown on their doorsteps. We hope people will think more about supporting local growers and suppliers. If you’re supporting your small local businesses, you are supporting the economy as well because these local shops are then able to employ more staff. We have sensed a greater community spirit during this time and people are becoming more mindful. Let’s keep moving towards that direction.

To find out more about Pages Farm Shop, visit their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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