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Summer Bliss : Yoga and Harp

Saturday August 17th, 2024 / 13.00-15.00 & 16.30 - 18.30pm

Cameo Studio

Farncombe Estate, Broadway

About the Event


Welcome the bright and exciting energy of summer with our signature yoga and harp session

with Beth and Natasha.

We will begin with a gentle, slow-moving yoga flow and then move to a sequence that is more dynamic and energising ~ harnessing the warmth and brightness of the sun.

Then, we settle into a restorative yin practise where we allow the body to stay in passive postures ~ all the while, being immersed in the beautiful sound of the harp.

Studies have shown that the heart rate decreases and oxygenation

levels increase when harp music is played.

Additionally, research has substantiated beneficial effects on perceived levels

of pain, anxiety and positive emotions.

Harp music promotes an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and safety.

All materials, equipment, refreshments and cake included.

£35pp, only 12 spaces


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